Friday 31 January 2020

AO #30

Apropos of ocean navigation, Fernand Braudel asks: why not Chinese, Japanese, or even Moslem ships? Why not Sinbad the Sailor? It is not the technique, the technical machine, that is lacking. Isn't it rather that desire remains caught in the nets of the despotic State, entirely invested in the despot's machine? (224)

MP #30

Et par traduction il ne faut pas seulement comprendre qu'une langue peut en quelque sorte "représenter" les données d'une autre langue, mais plus encore que le langage, avec ses propres données sur sa strate, peut représenter toutes les autres strates, et accéder ainsi à une conception scientifique du monde. (81)

AO #29

To those who say that escaping is not courageous, we answer: what is not escape and social investment at the same time? (341)

MP #29

Je me souviens du beau film WILLARD (1972, Daniel Mann). Peut-être une série B, mais un beau film impopulaire, puisque les héros sont des rats. (285)

Wednesday 29 January 2020







Tuesday 28 January 2020

AO #28

The first profound example of an analysis of double bind, in this sense, can be found in Marx's ON THE JEWISH QUESTION: between the family and the State--the Oedipus of familial authority and the Oedipus of social authority. (81)

MP #28

Mais, pour casser un devenir-animal, il suffit justement d'en extraire un segment, d'en abstraire un moment, de ne pas tenir compte des vitesses et des lenteurs internes, d'arrêter la circulation des affects. (318)

Monday 27 January 2020

AO #27

In comparison to the capitalist State, the socialist States are children--but children who learned something from their father concerning the axiomatizing role of the State. But the socialist States have more trouble stopping unexpected flow leakage except by direct violence. (236)

MP #27

Cuvier hait Geoffroy, il ne supporte pas les formules légères de Geoffroy, l'humour de Geoffroy (oui les Poules ont des dents, le Homard a la peau sur les os, etc.).

Sunday 26 January 2020

AO #26

They [modern societies] are torn in two directions: archaism and futurism, neoarchaism and ex-futurism, paranoia and schizophrenia. (260)

MP #26

Le Corps sans Organes, on n'y arrive pas, on ne peut pas y arriver, on n'a jamais fini d'y accéder, c'est une limite. (186)

Saturday 25 January 2020

AO #25

The practical problem of schizoanalysis is, then, to ensure the contrasting REVERSION: restoring the syntheses of the unconscious to their immanent use. (112)

MP #25

Il y a territoire dès qu'il y a expressivité du rythme. (387)

AO #24

The city of Ur, the point of departure of Abraham or the new alliance. The State was not formed in progressive stages; it appears fully armed, a master stroke executed all at once; the primordial URSTAAT, the eternal model of everything the State wants to be and desires. (217)

MP #24

L'unité élémentaire du langage--l'énoncé--, c'est le mot d'ordre. (95)

Thursday 23 January 2020



AO #23

[The State] is no longer the pure signifier that regulates its signifieds; it now appears behind them, depending on the things it signifies. It no longer produces an overcoming unity; it is itself produced inside the field of decoded flows. (221)

Wednesday 22 January 2020

MP #23

La main, le sein, le ventre, le pénis et le vagin, la cuisse, la jambe et le pied seront visagéifiés. Le fétichisme, l'érotomanie, etc., sont inséparables de ces processus de visagéification. (209)

AO #22

Desire can never be deceived. Interests can be deceived, unrecognized, or betrayed, but not desire. (257)

MP #22

Les devenir-animaux ne sont pas des rêves ni des fantasmes. Ils sont parfaitement réels. (291)

Tuesday 21 January 2020

AO #21

Class struggle goes to the heart of the ordeal of desire. The familial romance is not a derivative of Oedipus; Oedipus is a drift of the familial romance, and thereby of the social field. (355)

MP #21

Car la mer est l'espace lisse par excellence, et pourtant celui qui s'est trouvé le plus tôt confronté aux exigences d'un striage de plus en plus strict. (598)

AO #20

In the first place, territorial representation is made up of two heterogenous elements, voice and graphism: the former is like the representation of words constituted in lateral alliance, while the latter is like the representation of things--of BODIES--established in extended filiation. (203)

MP #20

En vérité, il n'y a que des inhumanités, l'homme est seulement fait d'inhumanités, mais très différentes, et suivant des natures et à des vitesses très différents. (233)

Sunday 19 January 2020

AO #19

Schizoanalysis is at once a transcendental and a materialist analysis. (109)

MP #19

Proust montrait comment un amour peut être orienté sur sa propre limite, sa propre marge : il répète sa propre fin. (547)

AO #18

The same machine can be both technical and social, but only when viewed from different perspectives: for example, the clock as a technical machine for measuring uniform time, and as a social machine for reproducing canonic hours and for assuring order in the city. (141)

MP #18

Chacun passe par tant de corps en chacun. (49)

Friday 17 January 2020

AO #17

The role of money in commerce hinges less on commerce itself than on its control by the State. Commerce's relationship with money is synthetic, not analytical. And money is fundamentally inseparable, not from commerce, but from taxes as the maintenance of the apparatus of the State. (197)

MP #17

Du signifiant, nous ne pouvons dire qu'une chose : il est la Redondance, ile est le Redondant. D'où son incroyable despotisme et le succès qu'il a connu. (85)

Thursday 16 January 2020

AO #16

The earth is the primitive, savage unity of desire and production. For the earth is not merely the multiple and divided object of labor, it is also the unique, indivisible entity, the full body that falls back on the forces of production and appropriates them for its own as the natural or divine precondition. (140)

MP #16

Car Héliogabale, c'est Spinoza, Spinoza, Héliogabale ressuscité. Et les Tarahumaras, c'est de l'expérimentation, le peyotl. (196)

Wednesday 15 January 2020

AO #15

Paranoia decomposes just as hysteria condenses. (13)

MP #15

Précisément, l'animal est inséparable d'une SÉRIE qui comporte le double aspect progression-régression, et où chaque terme jour le rôle d'un transformateur possible de la libido (métamorphose). (288)

Tuesday 14 January 2020

AO #14

After all, how are we to understand those who claim to have discovered an Indian Oedipus or an African Oedipus? (169)

MP #14

C'est Paul Klee qui a montré si profondément ces trois aspects, et leur lien. Il dit POINT GRIS, et non trou noir, pour des raisons picturales. Mais justement le point gris est d'abord le chaos non dimensionnel, non localisables, la force du chaos, faisceau embrouillé de lignes aberrantes. (383)

Monday 13 January 2020




ご興味のある方はぜひ書籍『鯨の目』(発売museum shop T)をどうぞ。 美術家の人たちから大きな刺激と思考の種子をもらうことは多いけれど、きょうはいますぐ海に行き鯨たちと遭遇したい、そんな気分になりました。

AO #13

The unconscious poses no problem of meaning, solely problems of use. The question posed by desire is not "What does it mean?" but rather "HOW DOES IT WORK?" (109)

MP #13

Une des tâches fondamentales de l'Etat, c'est de strier l'espace sur lequel il règne, ou de servir des espaces lisses comme d'un moyen de communication au service d'un espace strié. (479)

AO #12

Alphabetical writing is not for illiterates, but by illiterates. It goes by way of illiterates, those unconscious workers. (208)

MP #12

Une ligne de devenir a seulement un milieu. Le milieu n'est pas une moyenne, c'est un accéléré, c'est la vitesse absolue du mouvement. (360)

Saturday 11 January 2020

AO #11

Myth, tragedy, dream, and fantasy--and myth and tragedy reinterpreted in terms of dream and fantasy--are the representative series that psychoanalysis substitutes for the line of production: social and desiring-production. (305)

MP #11

Former des phrases grammaticalement correctes est, pour l'individu normal, le préalable de toute soumission aux lois sociales. (127)

AO #10

Freud was Darwinian, neo-darwinian, when he said that in the unconscious everything was a problem of population (likewise, in the contemplation of multiplicities he saw a sign of psychosis). (280)

MP #10

Bien voir, comme dit Deligny, que ces lignes ne veulent rien dire. C'est une affaire de cartographie. Elles nous composent, comme elles composent notre carte. Elles se transforment, et peuvent même passer l'une dans l'autre. Rhizome. (248)

Thursday 9 January 2020

AO #9

What is the nature of this order? The first things to be distributed on the body without organs are races, cultures, and their gods. The fact has often been overlooked that the schizo indeed participates in history; he hallucinates and raves universal history, and proliferates the races. All delirium is racial, which does not necessarily mean racist. (85)

MP #9

On est segmentarisé de partout et dans toutes les directions. L'homme est un animal segmentaire. La segmentarité appartient à toutes les strates qui nous composent. (254)

Wednesday 8 January 2020



AO #8

To be sure, we have never dreamed of saying that psychoanalysis invented Oedipus. Everything points in the opposite direction: the subjects of psychoanalysis arrive already oedipalized, they demand it, they want more. (121)

MP #8

La déterritorialisation du corps implique une reterritorialisation sur le visage ; le décodage du corps implique un surdosage par le visage ; l'effondrement des coordonnées corporelles ou des milieux implique une constitution de paysage. (222)

Tuesday 7 January 2020

AO #7

Moses flees from the Egyptian machine into the wilderness and installs his new machine there, a holy ark and a portable temple, and gives his people a new religious-military organization. (193)

MP #7

Non seulement l'art n'attend pas l'homme pour commencer, mais on peut demander si l'art apparaît jamais chez l'homme, sauf dans des conditions tardives et artificielles. (394)

Monday 6 January 2020

AO #6

The first profound example of an analysis of double bind, in this sense, can be found in Marx's ON THE JEWISH QUESTION: between the family and the State---the Oedipus of familial authority and the Oedipus of social authority. (81)

MP #6

Chaque fois que le désir est trahi, maudit, arraché à son champ d'immanence, il y a un prêtre là-dessous. (191)

Sunday 5 January 2020

AO #5

Better to flee to the body without organs and hide out there, closing himself up in it. The little joy lies in schizophrenization as a process, not in the schizo as a clinical entity. (113)

MP #5

C'est dans sa propre langue qu'on est bilingue ou multilingue. (133)

Saturday 4 January 2020

AO #4

Schizoanalysis foregoes all interpretation because it foregoes discovering an unconscious material: the unconscious does not mean anything. (180)

MP #4

Maniérisme : l'ethos est à la fois demeure et manière, patrie et style. (393)

Friday 3 January 2020

AO #3

The explanation is that, despite his attempt at linking desire to a fundamental YES, Lyotard reintroduces lack and absence into desire; maintains desire under the laws of castration, at the risk of restoring the entire signifier along with the law; and discovers the matrix of the figure in fantasy, the simple fantasy that comes to veil desiring-production, the whole of desire as effective production. (244)

MP #3

Si l'on considère les sociétés primitives, peu de choses passent par le visage : leur sémiotique est non signifiante, non subjective, essentiellement collective, polyvoque et corporelle, jouant de formes et de substances d'expression très diverses. (215)

Thursday 2 January 2020

AO #2

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg--but also the father and the mother, or the child? (273)

MP #2

Ecrire, c'est peut-être amener au jour cet agencement de l'inconscient, sélectionner les voix chuchotantes, convoquer les tribus et les idiomes secrets, d'où j'extrais quelque chose que j'appelle Moi. (107)

Wednesday 1 January 2020





Anti-Œdipus #1

That is why the fundamental problem of political philosophy is still precisely the one that Spinoza saw so clearly, and that Wilhelm Reich rediscovered: 'Why do men fight FOR their servitude as stubbornly as though it were their salvation'? (29)

Mille plateaux #1

Le nom propre est l'appréhension instantanée d'une multiplicité. (51)