Tuesday, 21 January 2020

AO #21

Class struggle goes to the heart of the ordeal of desire. The familial romance is not a derivative of Oedipus; Oedipus is a drift of the familial romance, and thereby of the social field. (355)

MP #21

Car la mer est l'espace lisse par excellence, et pourtant celui qui s'est trouvé le plus tôt confronté aux exigences d'un striage de plus en plus strict. (598)

AO #20

In the first place, territorial representation is made up of two heterogenous elements, voice and graphism: the former is like the representation of words constituted in lateral alliance, while the latter is like the representation of things--of BODIES--established in extended filiation. (203)

MP #20

En vérité, il n'y a que des inhumanités, l'homme est seulement fait d'inhumanités, mais très différentes, et suivant des natures et à des vitesses très différents. (233)

Sunday, 19 January 2020

AO #19

Schizoanalysis is at once a transcendental and a materialist analysis. (109)

MP #19

Proust montrait comment un amour peut être orienté sur sa propre limite, sa propre marge : il répète sa propre fin. (547)

AO #18

The same machine can be both technical and social, but only when viewed from different perspectives: for example, the clock as a technical machine for measuring uniform time, and as a social machine for reproducing canonic hours and for assuring order in the city. (141)