Sunday, 6 May 2012

ImaginAsia 2012

The ImaginAsia International Conference and Workshop will be held for the fourth time this year and will be hosted by the Graduate Program in  Digital Content Studies, Meiji University. The conference, which is to be held in Aomori, Japan this year, will continue to bring together digital media research faculty and students from all over Asia for cultural, academic and creative exchange. The participating teams will share research  findings, engage in cultural discussion and produce digital media creative content based on the subject: Nature and Art.

Asia is a multiple space full of rich and diverse natural habitat, where the fusion of different cultures and values occurs. However, the flooding in Thailand, the earthquakes in Japan and India last year, and other natural disasters force us to reflect on how our “Art” cultures, built on the foundation of  “Nature”, can evolve to adopt a whole new face amidst these problems. Hence, the subject this year.

The concept of ImaginAsia was formed in spring 2009, and it was launched in autumn the same year. The inaugural project was held collaboratively by the faculty members and students from the College of Communication, National Cheng-chi University (NCCU), Taiwan; School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California (USC), U.S.A. and the Graduate Institute of Digital Contents, Meiji University, Japan. Since Spring 2010, Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University came on board.