Wednesday, 3 June 2020

AO #147

It is Freud's testament. He is going to die, and he knows it. He knows something is wrong in psychoanalysis. The cure tends to be more and more interminable! (65)

MP #147

L'expression et le contenu ont chacun du moléculaire ET du molaire. (77)

AO #146

In short, as we shall see elsewhere, there is always a pervert who succeeds the paranoiac or accompanies him--sometimes the same man in two situations: the bush paranoiac and the village pervert. (148)

MP #146

L'arbre ou la racine inspirent une triste image de la pensée qui ne cesse d'imiter le multiple à partir d'une unité supérieure, de centre ou de segment. (25)

Monday, 1 June 2020

AO #145

Deterritorialization, the axiomatic, and reterritorialization are the three surface elements of the representation of desire in the modern socius. (262)

MP #145

Chaque matin nous nous levions,et chacun de nous se demandait quels plateaux il allait prendre, écrivant cinq lignes, ici, dix lignes ailleurs. (33)

AO #144

From a certain point of view it would be much better if nothing worked, if nothing functioned. Never being born, escaping the wheel of continual birth and rebirth, no mouth to suck with, no anus to shit through. (7)