Sunday, 19 June 2022

ACLA 2022

 The ACLA was held this year on-line and I organized a seminar called: ANTHROPOMORPHISM, METAMORPHISM, TRANSMORPHISM.

We had 13 presentations over 2 days. Vary heterogeneous and exciting. I thank all the participants for their papers and lively discussions. For the record, we were, in order of appearance:

Dean Brink. Embodiment and Becoming in Miyaoi Yasuo’s Supernatural Tales.

Brett de Bary. Language, Transformation, and the Subject of Translation: Morisaki Kazue and Tawada Yoko.

Toshiya Ueno. On the Tonality of Anthropomorphism and Panpsychism in Japanese Cultural Expressions.

Makoto Hayashi. Anthropomorphism and Michael Taussig’s Concept of Mimesis.


Keijiro Suga. What’s Beyond Anthropomorphism.

Christine Marran. You Turn to the Camera and I Smile: Trap Cams and Film Theory.

Noah Toyonaga. Seeking Others Beyond the Visible: Trypophobia and Paranoid Aesthetics.

Tobias Fong. Romancing Fox Spirits in East Asian Animation.

Ichigo Kaneko. These Mushrooms Have Eyes: The Metamorphosis of the Kinokogumo.

Yukinori Nakano. What is “Transformation into X”? Reading Fujieda Shizuo’s Denshin yuraku.

Alex Braslavsky. Neither Metaphor nor Metonymy: The Chimerical Conceit of Zuzanna Ginczanka.

Nafiseh Shajani. Transformation, Metamorphosis, and the Journey to the Marvelous: Visual/Verbal Hybrid Bodies in the Work of Leonora Carrington.