Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Textual Earless Hoichi Project

The Textual Earless Hoichi Project. You pick up a book and write your commentaries to it (on the pages' margins) on all but two pages. This is your way of protecting the book from evil spirit-readers. Those two pages left blank (sort of) are the book's ears. The ears will be torn away and collected. And the ears from a hundred or so books will be displayed on the wall. People will hear the echos of the books' souls through these pages. They are required to read aloud these page-ears, taking turns. If they don't fulfill this reading obligation, of a book per person, their own ears are torn away at the exit.

という展示を思いついた。Books with handwritten commentaries will also be on display. すべての本を「耳なし芳一」として逆説的に守り抜くために。