Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Quotes 2017 #94

"In another dream, the dreamer, again a doctor, he, the doctor, was 'performing' an autopsy on a cadaver that was himself, aged by at least thirty years. What he did in the dream was to disembowel the cadaver bit by bit and dissect carefully each organ and then gather all the dissected bits together in his hands and deposit them back into the empty intra-abdomined space and then coarsely sew up the wide autopsy incision that ran from throat to pubis. And then a beautiful young nurse came in and touched the reconstructed dead man in a caring way that got the cadaver to sit up in an enlivened manner ready to move into of further after-death scene with a simple gratitude and a fleeting but retrospective glance at his whole life."

David Cooper, The Death of the Family.