Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Quotes 2017 #16 (replaced)

"At the end of a short period I began to feel that the prayer had, so to speak, passed to my heart. In other words I felt that my heart in its natural beating began, as it were, to utter the words of the prayer. For instance, ONE "Lord"; TWO "Jesus"; THREE "Christ," and so forth. No longer did I say the prayer with my lips, but listened attentively to the words formed in my heart, remembering what my departed elder told me about this state of bliss. Then I began to feel a slight pain in my heart, ..."
The Way of a Pilgrim.

今年の引用集、1月分は終わりましたが、#1, 15, 16がフランス語だったので、英語で読めるものに差し替えます。学生たちの日々の英語学習という目標のために。もっとも、前のものもそのまま残しておきます。