Friday 17 April 2015




それだけです。 こんなカードがつねに手元に10枚あって、少しずつ入れ替わっていくなら、勉強といってもそれだけ。ただし妥協なく毎日読むこと。1日1回ずつでいいから。声に出したり、黙読だったり。10枚読んでも5分とかかりません。


So then I had to choose another career, and I learned to pilot airplanes. I have flown almost everywhere in the world. And, as a matter of fact, geography has been a big help to me. I could tell China from Arizona at first glance, which is very useful if you get lost during the night. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, trans. Richard Howard)


The old man looked at the old woman, who stood up stiffly, from having been in one position so long,  and together they got off the train, missing their appointments in Venice, and spent the remaining years of their life in a foreign country, rather than part with a pair of birds that they had grown attached to on a long train journey, because of their color, which was as blue as the beginning of night when there is deep snow on the ground, and their song, which was more delicate than gold wire, and their movements, which were like the reflections of water on a wall.  (William Maxwell)


The word 'desire', which was the object of our reflections, comes from the Latin DE-SIDERARE, which means first and foremost to note with regret that the constellations, the SIDERA, do not form a sign, that the gods are not sending any messages in the stars. Desire is the disappointment of the augur. Insofar as it belongs to desire, and is perhaps the element of poverty in it, philosophy, as we have seen, begins when the gods fall silent. (Jean-François Lyotard, trans. Andrew Brown)